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My History with Newgrounds

Posted by Dekito524 - June 19th, 2021

Hey all! I've been thining lately on doing a news post on my history with newgronds as of today since i've never come to think that i've been in close contact with newgrounds since i was really young, so here it goes i guess-

When i was a little child i lived in a house and had no friends, until one day, some people we're moving in and i was excited, seeing new people is always exciting to me i wasn't that impacient (at the time) so i waited or them to move in completely and then striked, there were 3 guys a little bit older than i was but it wasn't that old for it to be weird, i came to their house greeted them and then i asked them if they wanted to play, we had fun but then they asked me if i had an "xbox" i wasn't sure of what it was, i've never heard of it at the time, they told me if i wanted to play to this "xbox" with them, i said yes a little bit unsure so they took me there and im gonna be honest i dont remember this part very well but we we're THERE FOR ALMOST 8 HOURS but a thing that i remember is playing this game called "Alien Hominid" and i thought that was the shit alright that was so cool i remember telling all of my school friends about it the next day. Some days we played different things like Halo or just watch them play a game i thought was too hard for me. One day they told me they buyed a new game called "Castle Crashers" and just to not make it that long, we played the shit out of that game, we unlocked every character, we got every pet, we got every weapon, i had a really good time. They say good times past fast and that no one in your life is forever, these friends had to go, they moved, we didn't lost contact, they just had to move for better opportunities, im not gonna complain. Fast forward to approximately 2012 me and my brother got access to a shared family computer to where i watched youtube videos, pirated old games and most importantly played flash games, im really ashamed that i didn't knew newgrounds existed at the time, i would've been so excited and happy! lots of games to play!, but unfortanately i didn't knew about newgrounds, i played a lot of NG flash games in external websites a thing that im honestly really ashamed of nowadays, there's not that much history on the flash games i played but im glad that newgrounds could give me hours upon hours of fun specially in a time where i felt lonely when i was in my house. Another fast forward to 2015 and my brother and i told my mom we wanted an "xbox" we got one, unfortunately it didn't last that long, my brother decided to brought it to every trip he had to go to, and eventually it stopped working but when it worked i bought castle crashers and played it again by myself this time, it was fun but i never completed it for said situation with my brother. Another another fast forward to 2018 i watched a lot of youtube and at that time i had really in my mind i wanted to be and illustrator or animator but never really put it to practice, this was becuase i just spent free time watching youtube and playing minecraft i watched a lot of animator at the time and one of the ones i watched was this guy, you surely dont know him, he's called "Sr. Pelo" its really not that well known, anyways i really liked his animations, one october 30th of the same year Pelo released an animation called "It's Spooky Month" it was really fun, when i finished watching it i went to his twitter to see what he was up to and realized there was a "Real NG ending" i visited it and watched the "Real ending" next year he decided to release another spooky month animation i did exactly as the last time, finished watching on youtube and went to NG to watch the real ending. A little fast forward to 2020 i was on twitter minding my own business and Sr Pelo retweeted somethig from a twitter user called "ninja_muffin99" about a game for the Ludum Dare game jam, its seemed interesting and i had nothing to do really so i gave it a shot, i was so bad at it but i got the trick of it an finished it. a couple weeks later, Sr Pelo retweeted a tweet from the same user where he announced the game was now on newgrounds and that there was a new "week" featuring Sr Pelo's Spooky kids i played it again and was really bad at it again. The game got REALLY popular and had a big community forming around it, one day i decided to create a newgrounds account just to kinda follow the community a little bit. Now we're here, fully into this bitch, and im planning on going even deeper and staying here for a long long time.

Thanks for reading, have a good day!